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Are Boston Terriers Easy To Train? Let’s Find Out!

Are you a first-time owner of the lovely and aptly named the American Gentleman? Don’t know what to expect right? It feels like there’s seems to be known about these little furry friends. Of course, you might consider asking yourself: are Boston Terriers easy to train? What you didn’t know (and must know) about this particular breed is they seem to have high in spirit, clownish, and sometimes they are dignified and calm.

Generally, these little gents are charming and dapper. Known for their distinct coat that looks like a tuxedo, an active dog, and loves to play with their master. They are really what you need to make your life shine. However, I’m going to explain to you if Boston Terriers are really easy to train and other fun facts about them. So, let’s proceed!

Brief History of Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier’s humble place of origin is in the United States back in the late 19th century. According to American Kennel Club (AKC), their general appearance is short-headed, brindle, black, or seal in color with evenly marked white. They may be short in stature but they have a big heart and can win their master’s attention.

It’s suspected that these wonderful breeds came from either English Bulldog, or Bull and Terrier ancestry. They were officially recognized in 1893 placing as the 48th breed by AKC.

It was an American name William O’Brien who introduced the Boston Terrier. And as the name suggests, the particular origin of this breed is Boston, Ma. After a century, in 1979, the state legislature dubbed the Boston Terrier as the “American Gentleman” and not long after it was the official dog of Massachusetts.

Now, Boston Terriers ranks 21 as the most popular breed in the United States as of 2019. This is pretty evident that many first-time owners and experienced pet owners have gone to like this particular American Gentleman and continue to do so.

Physical Characteristics

Boston Terriers are known for their short stature, muscular, short nose, and square appearances. Normally they can stand 12 to 17 inches tall and they weigh around 15 to 25 pounds. They are typically small but they have a stout chests. Being this small in size, it’s actually their advantage of being compact. Their pet owners can bring them literally everywhere.

All in all Boston Terriers have a great personality. No wonder they are well-loved and popular among other breeds.

Boston Terrier Behavior

This little American Gentleman is a family man. They wanted to be with their family at all times. His plump expressive, attentive, and snuffling, and snorting sounds are what makes them distinctive to other breeds, and this is why pet owners love them more.

They can read their master’s mood very well and they are extremely sensitive to it. Other Boston Terriers have a special affinity to the elderly and they devote only to their master. That’s why they are very loyal. They can be outgoing and would definitely love to play with their master during outdoor activities. He can be very polite to his family members. Yet, they are very defensive and dependable. Whenever

What’s great about them is they are suited for first-time dog owners. The fact that they have a calm demeanor and abe to stay with you at all times. Plus, they are very intelligent dogs and one of a kind. Although, they have some specific health issues, and even other dogs have their own specific health issues. But generally speaking, Boston Terriers are healthy (depending on the maintenance of the pet owner).

Are Boston Terriers Easy To Train?

The short answer is, A resounding yes! Little did you know that these little pooches are intelligent and easy to please. Hence, they are perfect to train because what’s important for them is to be able to please you. Even most of the pet owners approve of this. Some have said that even a yeard old Boston Terrier will know the basic commands and it’s pretty easy for them.

However, this doesn’t mean that all Boston Terrier are easy to train. Remember, even dogs have their individuality. They can be stubborn, well-mannered, relaxed, and aggressive. However, as a Boston Terrier, I can safely say that you have the higher ground and high chances of being able to train this lovely furry friend.

When training them, you have to be steady and have a lot of patience. Because there’s no guarantee that they will really obey you especially in the early days of training, the fact that all dogs can be very stubborn at the early stages. That said, cliche as it might sound, but consistency is always the key!

10 Useful Tips On Training You Boston Terriers ( Puppies and Adults) — Are Boston Terriers Easy To Train?

These useful tips are applicable in the potty, obedience training, and some training. Some of the tips are great for maintaining your pooch’s health and behavior for getting a high chance of making them train with ease.


Because there’s a big correlation between food and their physical activities including their training and even in their behavior. So, if you want to change your dog’s behavior, give him at least 2 to 3 meals per day. It’s given him an adequate amount of exercise. It’s not surprising that giving your dog a nice kibble food will greatly affect his physical activity and overall health.

That’s why you need to be careful about your Boston Terrier’s food and how nutritious their kibble food is not to mention its quality. Because these factors can greatly boost your Boston Terrier’s ability to be trained easier compared to dogs that don’t have proper diet and exercise.

In addition, you must give your dog grain-free and the majority of his diet should be protein. I recommend giving the limited ingredient diet (LID), especially for dogs who have stomach sensitivity.

Also, a dog supplement like probiotics is great for them as they needed it the most. But, consult with your vet first and strategize the best possible diet for your furry friend. Remember, the quality of kibble food you are giving will reflect on your dog’s overall performance.

Fatty Acids

Make sure your dog is getting fatty acids. Particularly DHA fatty acids. There have been studies that puppies who have eaten fatty acids in their kibble foods are more trainable compared to those who haven’t taken any fatty acids. Also, supplementing your dogs with fatty acids is a great option, especially if you want your dog or puppy to be trained well. Top sources of fatty acids are anchovies, salmon, eggs, pollock, and more.

The fact that fatty acids can greatly help your dog’s. It’s understood that fatty acids help boost the immune system, joints, skin, and coat health. Fatty acids are also great for brain development which gives you an edge whenever you want to train your Boston Terrier.

That said, if you want your Boston Terrier to master if not learn all the tricks and obedience command, better give him enough fatty acids. This is not only applicable to puppies but also to adult dogs as well. It will also give your Boston Terrier an edge when it comes to fulfilling their learning curves.

Don’t Forget The Antioxidants

In relation to numbers the above tips — food. Because food is the basic component needed to fuel your dog’s energy. Also, the quality of the food will also depend on this. Now, let’s talk about antioxidants. Boston Terriers and even most dogs over 7 years of age are less likely to suffer from age-related behavioral issues, especially if they are fed with an antioxidant-rich diet. With that, feeding your Boston Terrier enriched with antioxidants is a preferable thing to have.

Some of the foods that are rich in antioxidants are Blueberries, Kale, Carrots, to name a few will help increase the antioxidant level in your dog’s body. With that, the antioxidant is a great factor to make your dog have an advantage to ace their training session.

Learn Your Dog’s Body Language

Aside from your dog’s proper and balanced diet, body language is another factor that is crucial for your Boston Terrier’s training. You may want to learn about your dog’s body language. Know what kind of body movement they have when they are happy and also examine their movement when they are not feeling happy about it.

So by the time you are training them, you know well how to react to those body language. In addition, you will know if they are enjoying the training or not. Because getting to know your dog’s body language is very crucial even before and after the training.

Puppies are very hard to train. That’s why you need to spend a great amount of time studying their behavior, and of course, patience. Compared to adult dogs where they have already mature and know what to do. However, it’s still best to train your Boston Terrier while he is still a young pup.

Praise the Good

The best possible way to get your Boston Terrier to learn tricks and command so easily is to praise him and apply a positive reinforcement method. You are going to praise them by giving them a dog treat, a toy, or even just say “good dog”, basically words of affirmation.

The fact that positive reinforcement is highly effective because it can boost your pooch’s confidence as well as their mood. Although there are some contentious debates among trainers between the method of positive reinforcement and positive punishment. However, some pet owners have dividing opinions on this. The best thing you can do is to follow what method is effective for your dog.

Always Keep A Positive Attitude

No matter how many failed attempts your dog will do, be sure to keep your composure and also a positive attitude. This is because your emotion can greatly affect your furry friend’s behavior. if you are angry then he will feel scared and not wanting to do some training anymore as he loses some confidence.

On the other hand, if you are happy and maintain a positive attitude all throughout your training, your pooch will also keep its confidence and remain amused. That said, your dog will pick most of its energy from you. So again, keep your composure, remember to praise him, and also maintain a positive attitude.

Mental Stimulation and Exercise

It’s better to have them some regular exercise before their big training. This will enable them to become “loosey-goosey” similar to humans that need to do some stretching before the actual workout. Also, having mental stimulation is great for their brain development. This will greatly help their retention skills and memorization.

Dogs who don’t have any exercise before their training don’t have to undergo such training. Even just a little bit of walk will keep them warm-up and will go to make them mentally focused for whatever training you want for them. Keep in mind, hype them up first and then proceed in training them.

That said, are Boston Terriers easy to train? Well, find out my conclusion soon!

What NOT To Do When Training You Boston Terrier

Make Trainings Long

You must remember that you are teaching a dog and not humans. Dogs have a shorter attention span when it comes to training, especially when they are puppies. Your training sessions should be at least 5 to 10 minutes no more. Meaning, you can take sufficient breaks then proceed again. But this doesn’t mean that you can only train your Boston Terrier for 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Train Your Dog Anywhere

Boston Terriers and other dogs can be easily distracted so easily. Sights, unusual movements, smells, tastes, and sounds, these kind of things are your dog’s weakness and they can become excited to the point of being curious to find out the source. Hence, you need to choose a specific location where they can concentrate and free of distractions. It should be a calm, quiet room so you can maximize the training. Boston Terriers always needs a train development.

Forget To Praise Every Time

As I have mentioned earlier, dogs rely on the pet owner’s energy be it good or bad. So it’s better to maintain a positive attitude and don’t forget to praise your dog whenever your little pooch follows your command. It’s best to give your Boston Terrier some treat, affirmation, or through cuddling. Take note that all he wants is to please you. Give him the best possible reward and also the best of your undivided attention. As they say, all eyes and all ears.

Confusing Your Dog

You must stick to one training until he can follow your command very well. Also, make sure that your family know that command you are training to your dog. The more familiar your dog to the command the more chances that your dog will retain the command word.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where To Start Training My Boston Terrier?

The most preferred for Boston Terriers for train is learning the obedience commands. This is to make sure who’s the boss which gives you more authority and gives your dog more discipline. One of the basic commands is training them to sit and also to lay down. Remember, it’s much better to stay consistent in terms of commands and tone.

In addition, you should at least increase the amount of treatment or some kind of reward for higher difficulties. You also need to challenge them during their training and don’t let them become complacent.

Are Boston Terriers Aggressive?

While there are some Boston Terriers who are aggressive, especially when they are bred as fighting dogs. The fact that their ancestors are bred as fighting dogs namely the English White Terrier and English Bulldog.

However, this is not always the case. Boston Terriers are generally calm and they are perfect as family pets as well. The fact that they are also loyal to their master only and will be defensive at the door lets you know that there’s someone on the front door. But most pet owners agree that Boston Terriers are good-natured dogs and they can get along with anyone, of course with the right approach.

Are Boston Terriers Good With Other Dogs And Are Boston Terriers Good With Kids?

Generally, Boston Terriers are genuinely good around strangers, people, children, dogs, and even cats. Some Boston will behave differently from the others, but if they are properly socialized at an early age, they can be affectionate towards everyone. They are very friendly and want to play with everyone when he has the energy to do so.

At times, they can be a little hyper and stubborn and even hard to handle. That’s why some Boston Terriers have some behavior issues. However, their behavioral problems are not a problem when it’s corrected. The best thing you need to rectify their behavioral problems is to apply the method of positive reinforcement.

But never, ever scold them and plant fear in them. They may withdraw and develop some anxiety and they will not be able to go training with you.

Final Thoughts

Are Boston Terriers easy to train? What do you think? I think it’s fairly easy given that you have the right mind and attitude in training them. They can disobey you and can get easily get distracted, but who doesn’t experience this? There are many pet owners who have struggled in this kind of scenario especially the puppies.

But at the end of the day, when your little pooch has mastered at least one command, it’s really a big accomplishment for you. Of course, it will not end there as you need to progress. Make sure to always take the baby’s steps and always give him positive reinforcement.

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