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Best Crate For Boston Terrier — OUR TOP 5 PICKS!

Looking for enclosed space yet it’s portable and something your furry friend can relax whenever he’s inside? I’m talking about the best dog crate for Boston Terrier. Well, there are thousands of options. In fact, all of them are just easy to buy if you have some money. But, you don’t have to rush. Because you aren’t pretty sure what kind of quality you are ended up buying. That’s why we exist in the first place.

That said if you are unsure about what kind of crate you need or maybe you don’t have the time to scour over the net and research what might be the best possible product for your pooch. Well, I got you covered on this. This article will review my well-curated top five best crate for a Boston Terrier. So, bear with me on this, and let’s start scrolling!

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Concerns in Dog Crates

There are actually some ethical concerns regarding dogs putting in a crate.

It’s no surprise that there are some pet owners who oppose using a dog crate for their Boston Terrier. Or, even in any kind of dog breed in general. Reason has it that putting them in a crate will limit their freedom. It will also defeat the purpose of the “being” of the dogs. Wherein they should be free without putting them in an enclosed space.

Instead, a little close supervision will just be enough than putting them in a crate. Given that long-term caged dogs will likely develop certain mental health conditions. These are separation anxiety, depression, aggression, eating disorders, and atrophy.

But in defense of some pet owners, trainers, and some professionals, there’s nothing wrong with dogs having to place them in a crate. They pointed out that the wrong thing about putting dogs in an enclosed space if the intention is wrong. Wrong intentions like putting your dog as a form of punishment or negative reinforcement which instills fear instead of good discipline. That said, there’s nothing wrong with dog crates and dog crate training if the intentions are good, which really is.

In fact, there are actually benefits of putting your furry friend in a crate. That is if they are properly trained. Ther are some of the notable benefits are discipline, become responsible, calm, and relax in times of distress, keep. This includes security are among the great benefits of using a dog crate. Also, it’s important that you need to crate train them as early as they are in puppies. This is because this is a great time to teach them because of their curious mind.

So, with that in mind, it’s fairly safe to say that putting your dog in a crate is preferable if not advantageous. Preferable if the intentions are good instead of harming them and treating the dog crate as a cruel punishment for mischief or bad behavior.

Get the Right Size First

In order to get the right size for your ideal dog crate for Boston terrier, you need to measure your pooch’s length and width first. A good rule of thumb when figuring if the dog crate is fit him is to get the measurement of your dog.

He should be stretched out while lying, and also measure the height when your dog is standing freely. Boston Terriers can grow between 12 to 20 inches tall, but this will depend on the gender, some can weigh over 20 lbs.

Generally, the best crate size for any Boston Terrier is about 24 inches more or less. With this measurement, it’s considered a small crate.

In addition, your dog should have at least more allowance in space so he can still move freely and stretch out his whole body without any restriction. 24 inches should not be a definitive crate size for this kind of dog breed. However, you can still increase your ideal crate size. In fact, the bigger the size the better compared to the smaller one. This is because your dog can relax and can move freely.

So, you need to get the measurement of your dog first and start looking for the ideal dog crate. But, you need t to consider some of the essential qualities which only below.

What to look for in a Boston Terrier crate?

With minds and hearts are clear regarding the ethical concern, let’s now move to factors that you need to look for when you are considering buying the best dog crate for Boston Terrier.

Obviously, there are thousands of dog crates that are readily available on the market but the thing is, do those products possess these kinds of qualities? You will want to consider these qualities first before even buying your ideal dog crate for your little American Gentleman.

A Shoulder Loops

Dog crates that are smaller tend to have shoulder loops. This important feature can make your dog crate easier to carry especially when traveling along with your furry friend. Make sure that the loops are fabric materials that are comfortable so they don’t rub or chafe which can cause pain while you are carrying your little pooch in a crate.

Cover Are Washable and Removable

There are dog crates that are produced with fabric covers. These fabric covers are often washable and removable, letting you clean easily without giving any hassle which can be time-consuming. That’s most pet owners choose a dog crate with this kind of feature which doesn’t give you much headache when it’s time for cleaning.


Some of the dog crates are foldable and collapsible which makes them easy to store whenever you are traveling along with your pooch. This feature is perfect when you are going on an excursion trip or just visiting a vet. This totally makes it easier for you to bring your Boston Terrier on the road.

Not enough room in your small house or apartment? Well, you can opt to buy a foldable crate. You just need to fold it until it’s shrunk. Voila! you have completely saved space for your small house.

Best Crate For Boston Terrier — OUR TOP 5 PICKS!

OUR TOP PICK: Revol by Diggs Dog Crate

Product Description: My best pick among the dog crate is the Revol bt Diggs. This is because they have the most cutting-edge products when it comes to dog crates. Also, as the brand says, "it's more than a dog crate". Meaning this could be your Boston Terrier's new place. It's tougher than hard plastic dog crates and similar sturdiness with quality metal wire dog crates. This is travel-friendly featuring collapsible and easily folds down which you can store so easily. No space is consumed because it's super-fit to your compartment. Plus, it's equipped with wheels and a carrying handle. For puppies and for a small breed. Made from quality materials such as reinforced plastic, steel mesh wire, and high-grade aluminum. This alone ensures your furry friend's security and able to last long. This dog crate includes a removable tray, divider, and ceiling hatch. The product dimensions are 25 x 17 x 19 inches.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for Money


All in all, Revol’s dog crate is easy to assemble and easy to fold down. The design and structure were drawn from human crib standards allowing proper ventilation and a firm base and sturdy panels. It’s easy for you to clean this and above all, it has superb craftsmanship.


Include puppy divider
Quick installation


None so far


Petmate Dog Crate

I presume you are the type of pet owner who is a jet setter and his/her lifelong companion is a pooch? Then make no mistake in investing in this beautiful Petmate dog crate.

Perfect for dog air travel requirements because this is airline adaptable. Also, this is by far one of the heavy-duty dog crates among the products being reviewed here.

There’s also enough ventilation for your pet to breathe comfortably while on a flight. Made from everything heavy duty like a plastic shell, covered door posts, and metal screws. This gives you the assurance that your furry friend will be in good hands while traveling by air.

Petmate dog crate offers 5 sizes namely 28, 32, 36, and 40 inches. But has only one color which is Taupe/Black. That said, you can safely bet in this awesome dog crate. The latch provides a secure lock and it can be opened with one hand by pet parents.

All in all, it’s hard for me to choose between this and the Revol Crate. But of them are good although this is much cheaper and it’s great for travel and even for home use. Petmate has a superb and innovative design with a well-ventilated god crate like this.

  • Very durable
  • Air travel standard
  • Made from heavy-duty recycled plastic material
  • Some have pointed that it’s not that sturdy

PetNation Dog Crate

Looking for a tent for your dog but able to last long? This time, I have the PetNation Dog Crate just for you. This is your all-time companion both outdoor and indoor.

The fabrics are not made out of cheap materials and it has strong structure supported by a steel frame. So, this is something to keep in mind if you have a small breed like a Boston Terrier.

It’s amazing because this has 5 sizes to choose from although the color is only brown. In addition, like any light weight dog crates, this is easy to set up and easy to fold down in a matter of seconds.

You won’t have a problem cleaning this type of tent-like a dog crate. It’s water-resistant, pet waste can be quickly cleaned. It’s also washable so don’t worry about getting dirty hands.

Bond with your dog everywhere with the PetNation Dog Crate. Any dog will feel at home because of the den-like ambient. The fabric panels are supported by a strong steel frame. The item dimensions are 28 x 20 x 20 inches.

Overall, lightweight, easy to carry, outdoor and indoor purpose. What more you can ask for this versatile dog crate or should I say dog tent? I bet this is something your dog wants because of the ambient and the overall design. What’s stunning here is the affordability of the price.

  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Very portable
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Not for destructive chewers

Merry Pet Dog Crate

Are you looking for a great coffee table and a dog crate but it seems you have a tight budget? Don’t worry because what I have in here is a two in one dog crate and home decor.

If you fancy having some vintage appeal home decor and a place where your pooch can relax, you can vouch this. This is the Merry Pet 2-in-1 dog crate.

The design has a vintage appeal and it looks unique for a coffee table. In addition, the materials are made from a solid wood veneer, a metal cage, and has a plastic tray for easy cleaning. This type of stylish dog crate is great for accent pieces of furniture in your living room or in your bedroom.

Furthermore, the Merry Pet dog crate may look difficult to assemble, but you’d be surprised that you can just assemble this within seconds without needing any tools. It has 4 panels ready to assemble and a door. You can adjust the hinged pins for quick setup.

All in all, wouldn’t be more enticing if you have this dog crate? Design-wise, it’s okay. It can also fairly last long because of the wood and the metal materials which are pretty sturdy. Although this can last for dogs who have good behavior if you have a pooch that is a destructive chewer. I can bid you good luck for trying to preserve this into its pristine condition.

  • Easy assembly
  • Vintage appeal
  • Can be used as home decor or a dog crate
  • A bit pricey for a dog crate

MidWest Homes For Pets Dog Crate

Last but not the least, MidWest Homes For Pets. This brand is among the widely recognized dog crate in every pet owner. It has a comfortable den-like space.

The double door feature is secure enough and the design is very practical and suitable for small breeds like Boston Terrier. If you are looking for something that’s for crate training, consider this one.

Quick and easy installation. It will just only take you in a matter of seconds without even using tools for assembling.

With this feature, you can easily fold and store this whenever you are going for travels and any other excursion trips along with your furry friend.

Its design is built to last and for secure keeping. It has two doors and each door has heavy-duty slide-bolt latches. Dogs will quickly treat this as their safe dwelling place because of the den-like design. This dog crate comes with a sturdy dog tray, divider panel, and carrying handle.

The product dimension is 24 x 18 x 21 inches.

All in all, this dog crate is well suited for growing dogs and also for smaller dogs. It’s easy to handle and also to assemble. The crate features two-door for easy accessibility which is great. For a Boston Terrier, this will work for him. The price is affordable and its overall structure will surely hold your dog for several years.

  • Pros Dual door
  • Heavy duty slide-bolt latches
  • Have divider panels
  • None so far

Different Types of Available Dog Crate

You’ll be surprised that dog crates come in different types and among them are the usual metal wire and plastic crates. Although they are structured and designed the same way, what differs is the materials used, and also each of them has its own set of disadvantages and advantages.

Some dog crates are good for travel and it’s easily collapsible, some are built so sturdy for long-lasting use. The ideal one will actually depend on the way you are going to use it, how aggressive your dog is, and also it matches your household. Here are some of the common types that are available for you.

Metal Wire Dog Crate

The metal wire is often common or widely used in a typical household that has dogs. This type of dog crate has a single door on the front, other models have doors on the roof and the side for easy access. Pet owners choose this because it’s perfect for a hot climate because of the ventilation. But for owners who are living in cold climates, you can opt to choose a sheltered model.

This is perfect because of the lightweight size and also because it can be collapsible for greater portability. It’s suitable for people who want to save because you can just buy a large size of this and use a divider for a puppy until the dog turns adult.

The downsides of these include, it’s noisier compared to other dog crates, not preferred in cold climates, collapsible but it can be a bit heavy, and pets are too exposed.

Plastic Dog Crate

Usually, these types of dog crates came from hard plastic that is easy to carry because of their lightweight and portability. They are an excellent option in air travel and generally in travel. However, they are not collapsible compared to metal wire dog crates which can take space, especially when not in use.

Plastic crates usually have less visibility. This is suited for dogs who are anxious and also for pooches who prefer a den-like space. In addition, they may not be sturdy as the metal or heavy-duty dog crate but they are easily cleaned and suitable for small dog breeds.

Some of the cons of plastic dog crates are, not much ventilation, plastic can absorb odors over time, it’s space-consuming because it’s not collapsible.

Soft-Sided Dog Crates

If you are a camper or loves to travel on the beach and other outdoor activities, this is probably an excellent dog crate for a Boston Terrier or even in other dog breeds. It doesn’t look like a cage but more of a temporary shelter or a “tent” for a dog. They are portable and very practical for excursions, outdoor picnics, and at the beach. The fact that this can be carried easily and fold them flat when not in use.

These soft-sided dog crates are made in fabrics and they are washing machine friendly which saves your energy. This may not be advisable to use for dogs who are aggressive or destructive chewers because this is not the strongest dog crates. They can easily get out of this kind of dog crate.

The soft-sided dog crates downsides include, cannot hold aggressive or destructive chewers well, not sturdy enough, intelligent dogs can unzip their escape.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates

This is your perfect dog crate for your dog who are either heavy chewers, escape artists, and aggressive pooch. Heavy-duty dog crates are best suited for medium to large-sized dog breeds because they are strong and can smash plastic or soft-sided crates at ease.

When it comes to price, this has the highest price point among the dog crates. Its expensiveness is worth it and also the effectiveness. Although they aren’t visually appealing, it’s definitely for pet owners who have dogs that have naughty habits.

The only cons of these are the designs are rather dull, most expensive but long-lasting compared to other dog crates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Crate Train My Dog?

I would recommend it just to make your dog become relaxed and disciplined. Again, there’s nothing wrong with crate training. What makes it worse is how you treat it and if you have bad intentions. But generally, you should do it even professional trainers and expert canine lovers recommend it.

What Size Crate for a Boston Terrier?

The suggested size should be 24 inches more or less. Others prefer slightly bigger for more space and convenience to their pooches. But, you should measure your dog first to get the accurate crate size for your dog.

Final Thoughts

There are really great finds in the market when choosing the best crate for your Boston Terrier. But even though they are great products, if it’s not compatible with your dog, then it’s completely useless. Always remember that you need to completely be confident that what you are buying should match your little gent.

Feel free to look into my reviewed products and also read our buying guides to make sure what you’re buying is definitely the ideal dog crate.

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