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Best Dog Harness For Boston Terrier — 5 Best Picks!

Although Boston Terriers may be small in stature, their muscular built is their advantage. It’s no surprise why this particular breed is also known as the American Gentleman. The distinct markings on their coat that is in the shape of a tuxedo, their broad chest, and large round eyes. This is what makes them unique and spectacular. But they have high energy, lively, and can tug on their leash. Don’t be complacent in their size. That’s why you are going to need the perfect dog harness for your Boston Terrier.

So, it’s time to change your flimsy ol’ harness which only invites danger than safety. I have reviewed I think suitable harness for a Boston Terrier. With hours of research and tests, I have carefully listed my top recommendation only just for you.

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Are Harnesses Ideal for Boston Terriers

The harness is your excellent companion if ever you are going to bring your Boston Terrier for outdoor activities. This involves walking, jogging, or running in the park. Or perhaps a picnic here or there. While you out with your dog, you need to make sure that your dog is safe and near you at all times.

Because you never know what will your dogs in the next minute or two. You need to at least control him when in a crowded area and also to prevent them from being distracted. That said, you will need a harness in order to prevent any accidents or a sudden chasing of cats.

The bottom line is, it will depend on you whether it’s ideal for your Boston Terrier. If your pooch isn’t trained well and loves to run around outdoor, then it’s your obligation to have your dog wear a harness. This is to avoid any accidents or surprises. On the other hand, if your dog is properly trained and socialized well, then a harness for them is not necessary.

Although I would recommend training your dog to get used to harness because you never know what will happen. Knowing that dogs still have their innate wild behavior.

Common Types of Harness for Boston Terriers

Harness in dogs comes in many types and each of them has its own specific usage. Some are modern and innovative some still remain in their traditional design. Below are the most common types of dog harness for Boston Terrier.

No-pull harness

No pull harness has a chest ring that controls and guides your dog to the side when it’s pulled ahead. Other no-pull harness tightens your dog when he is trying to pull too hard, then it will be relaxed when stopped from pulling. This is the widely used harness among others because they have more control over the dog compared to other leashes.

Car Harness

A dog who moves a lot must have this kind of harness in the car. This can be tethered to a seat belt and it will make your dog safe while on the road. Because some dogs love to move around just to find their comfy spot, this is ideal for them. If there’s a sudden accident, your dog can still ensure his safety.

Harness Leads

Harness leads are wrapped around the dog’s back and chest, secured with some metal hook and rubber stoppers. Pet owners like this because it’s far more effective than a no-pull harness because dogs will almost never escape in this type of harness. This is also chew-resistant and perfect for dogs who are destructive chewers and have naughty behaviors outdoors. Also, they are well-loved because of the “one size fits all” design.

Walking Harnesses

Another common type and inexpensive harness is the walking harness. This uses plastic buckles and usually strap-based. A walking harness can be put on and off so easily within few seconds. These are not heavily padded and they are not heavy which is suitable for quick runs or walks — not advisable for all-day wear.

Hiking Harness

As the name suggests, this type of harness is great for hiking and for heavy-duty use. As we know that Boston Terriers are active dogs this can be an ideal harness for them especially when you are going to bring them along in your excursion or any other extreme outdoor trips.

The harness is well ventilated and padded providing comfort during hiking trails and intense walks. This will surely control you. Also, there’s a reflective trim that helps your dog visible when it’s dark or low light conditions.

Best Dog Harness For Boston Terrier — 5 Best Picks!

OUR TOP PICK: Gooby Dog Harness

Product Description: My number pick goes to Gooby dog harness. It's cute yet effective and super durable. This is also convertible to a sport harness. Specifically, design for small breeds. Design-wise, it's stunningly perfect, the X frame design is to prevent your dog to choke whenever he is pulled. Also, the dog harness can be easily put on and removed. The brand is known for producing high-quality materials Made from neoprene material and it's very soft padded. Greatly reducing the abrasions and pressure whenever the pet owner pulls it. That's why you can enjoy running with your furry friend while he is on a leash. The hybrid design offers versatility and functionality, plus it has an adjustable neck so your dog won't choke when adjusted. This dog harness will never hassle yourself in term of cleaning. In fact, it's easy to clean. Just a quick toss in the washing machine and everything is clean just like the day it was bought.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Value for Money


Overall, I like it because it has a nice color palette which makes it so edgy when my Boston Terrier is wearing it. It’s padded and very soft which reduces any pressure or even abrasions. Not to mention, this is fully convertible for sport harness which makes it very versatile. That’s why I rated this as the best dog harness for a Boston Terrier.


Convertible X frame design to prevent choking
Easy to clean
Easy on and off


None so far


Chai's Choice Dog Harness

My second choice is the Chai’s Choice dog harness. Made from neoprene padding. It’s probably a great option for your Boston Terrier. Not only the color looks amusing but also the design is so superb!

This is among the top-tiered dog harness that you can buy on the market right now. You don’t have to worry about losing your dog because of your flimsy leash.

It features duraflex buckles, a stainless steel D-ring, and 3m reflective stripes for increased visibility, especially in the dark and low light areas.

The Chai’s Choice design is fully adjustable allowing versatility and stability while the dog wears this. This can be also your dog’s fashion statement whenever you set him for a walk or a jog in the park.

It has 5 different sizes to choose from and 5 colors to pick with. This ultra-comfortable harness has soft padding but able to last long. There’s also a built-in dog tracker. Just register this with the QR code to find your lost pet with ease.

All in all, another excellent find in my reviewed products. It’s super comfy and very strong for a Boston Terrier. The design is very appealing.

I like that there’s a dog tracker feature, so you will know where to find your dog in case he is missing. Also, the rear handle allows you to control your dog and it can be used as a seat belt.

  • Lightweight reflective stripings for added safety
  • Chest strap can be a little difficult to adjust

Julius K9 Dog Harness

Julius K9 is among the most favored brand when it comes to providing sturdy and robust dog harnesses.

Being dubbed as a police harness. Also, they have an expansive collection of designs spanning from simple fabrics to denim (like this one).

It’s simply well designed and comfortably fit, not to mention being very strong.

Mainly used by professional service dogs, trainers, and also commonly used for large breeds. The Julius K9 also cater to smaller breeds like Boston Terriers.

This means that even though the size is small, they still shared the feature of reassuringly sturdy and durable. It’s easy to use and perfect for every dog.

The loop patches and hook are interchangeable which can be customized. There’s also a reflective edge so your dogs can be seen when it’s dark or low light. The belly straps are fully adjustable, it has sturdy buckles and a breathable pad for a snug fit.

Why should you but this? Because it’s your definitive choice if you are looking for sturdiness and durability. And this product has these features.

The design is very trendy but it is used for practical and functional lifestyles. I am very sure that your dog will be comfortable with this one upon wearing it.

  • Made in Europe
  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Has reflective edges Ideal for everyday use
  • So far so good

Ruffwear Dog Harness

Want a no-pull dog harness? You can definitely check this Ruffwear dog harness. Built for everyday use so your furry friend can come along with you during jogging or walking.

This can be used for trail walking — if your dog is game in that kind of adventure. Along with a top dog harness, this has a remarkable quality that befits your dog.

It’s durable, lightweight, designed for all-day outdoor activities. What makes this sturdy enough is the reinforced webbing and the aluminum V-ring on the center back.

This means that you have the maximum control over your dog without making him hurt if you are guiding or controlling him in a direction.

Ruffwear dog harness offers a wide array of color selections and 5 sizes to choose with. More options mean a better experience. In addition, it has reflective trim so your dog can be seen in dark or low light areas. So this is perfect for day and night strolling.

All in all, if you are game for an outdoor activity with your Boston Terrier all day long, better take this superb product. You won’t be disappointed by the convenience it will give to your dog and also for the sake of his safety.

It has soft padded, lightweight, and able to last for years, it’s the perfect dog harness for a Boston Terrier.

  • Lightweight
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Great for all day long outdoor activities
  • None so far

PetSafe Dog Harness

Take your Boston Terrier for a walk or a run but don’t forget to have him wear a dog harness. If you don’t have any, try the PetSafe dog harness. This may be the answer to your naughty dog that’s always moving.

It can reduce or stop pulling without putting any pressure on your dog’s chest or throat area.

Because this is a multi-purpose harness, this is also compatible with your car. Keeping your pooch safe is your priority whenever you are on the road. Using this as a car harness is an excellent fit for your dog.

It has adjustable control strap which is very secure but breathable for your dog.

In addition, the PetSafe dog harness is an excellent companion if ever you are going for a run or a walk in the park. You don’t have to worry about going into dark areas or low light settings because the nylon features reflective straps. Your Boston Terrier will absolutely feel comfortable with this because of the soft padding.

All in all, this may be my last list on the product review, but this can do the job for your everyday walk or jog along with your favorite pooch. It’s comfortable and adjustable.

Very safe for your dog because it will not give too much pressure on the chest area. Plus, it can be easily replaced.

  • Easy-fit
  • Comfy because of soft padded
  • Breathable multi-purpose
  • Not advisable for aggressive chewers

Common Harness Materials

Dog harness for Boston Terrier is not only made from common fabric. Most modern harnesses came from quality materials but some still offer cheaply made harnesses. Below is the list of common materials used in a dog harness.


Mesh material came from the combination of polyester or nylon, which makes it more sturdy than typical harnesses. It’s more stretchable and breathable. Perfect material for Boston Terriers who are prone to overheat.


This material is the least common among dog harnesses. However, there are some manufacturers that offer a cotton material harness. Although cotton isn’t as versatile and sturdy as polyester or nylon. But for pet owners who choose a natural organic fabric.


Leather is among the expensive material in dog harnesses. This material has also leather trim that is incorporated. However, the popularity of leather has become waned due to the rise of polyester and nylon. Because leather is very expensive and requires frequent maintenance such as oiling. The downside of this besides its expensiveness is it’s heavier. Although leather dog harness is a perfect choice for giant and large breeds. But the upside is it’s durable and sturdy.


The widely used material in every dog harness is mostly similar to nylon. Polyester is the current material used along with nylon that has the same features such as breathability, stretch, and water resistance. But polyester has more abrasion resistant compared to nylon but not as sturdy.


This material is very popular for dog harnesses, in fact, that it’s versatile, and has a number of useful properties. Nylon material quickly dries and water-resistant, sturdy when it’s wet, but it has a soft texture.

Final Thoughts

It’s not always easy to find a suitable dog harness for a Boston Terrier. The fact that they have muscular built and high in energy, it’s difficult to find something sturdy for this kind of dog breed. But luckily, I have found some of the best dog harnesses for your lovely pooch. I even tested them for myself and see completely amazed by the difference compared to my old and cheap harness.

Also, don’t forget to go easy on your furry friend whenever you are outside and with a leash. As much as possible don’t pull them hard but light. In addition, you need to invest in some of these to guarantee that your dog is in safe hands and can roam around without having difficulties while he is on a leash.

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